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The Journey Foundation
Capturing Kids' Hearts
Sponsored by Flippen Education

“If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.”™ - Flip Flippen

Capturing Kids' Hearts is a dynamic three-day relational training for teachers and staff that takes place in a warm, comfortable, fun setting. Flippen training staff consists of award-winning former teachers who have taught in diverse school environments across the country. Bringing an expertise attained only through first-hand experience, our trainers look forward to tending to their favorite people - educators!

Truly remarkable outcomes are possible in a classroom where trust, respect, and caring relationships flourish. But creating such an environment is a tremendous challenge. Capturing Kids' Hearts is a 3-day off-site learning experience that provides tools for administrators, faculty and staff to build positive, productive, trusting relationships — among themselves and with their students. These processes can transform the classroom and campus environment, paving the way for high performance.

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